Crows Before Rain

My first day of clicking pictures. It was about to rain. Suddenly the dark black clouds covered up the whole sky. This was the first day when I started noticing the behavior of birds. I was inside the room unaware of the whether conditions. All of a sudden, I heard the loud chirping of the birds. As I had got a new camera that day, I wanted to capture everything. Here is this beautiful view from the window at that point of time.

Then I saw these restless crows. By that time I didn’t know that it would be raining so heavily. I was able to capture these four crows on the above tree, who were quite restless. I saw many birds flying here and there and making sounds (couldn’t capture them).

Have you heard about “love in rains”; here it is.

… and then it rained heavily and that day there were hailstorms too. This made the weather pleasant but I couldn’t see where the birds had gone during that period.

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