Finding Subject

Although I am just less than a month old in photography, here I am with the most basic tip of photography.

After reading, discussing and from my own little experience I can say that we can find the most dramatic compositions in our surroundings. There will always be something outside our window, balcony, back door, on terrace, in our locality, on our road which can be a perfect subject/composition for us. We just need to keep our eyes and mind open. The same scene can provide different type of pictures at different times and different moods.

This is something I didn’t realize initially. I captured all the crows, trees, pigeons, electricity poles, sky and even our dustbin and fan, and after that I had started feeling frustrated because of two reasons – firstly the output of my clicking was very bad and secondly I felt like if I had to click good pictures I had to go to different places. Neither I had time, nor I had the zeal for doing so, plus this was something which professionals or people filled with “art” did. I was not the one for this. You know, I reached to this conclusion immediately after getting frustrated (could you detect my impulsive streak?).

But… I was wrong.

Some days later, I realized that everything I need is in front of my eyes (or camera lens) – all I have to do is to keep looking with an attitude of fun, not for proving something to someone. Sky looks different in the morning and something new in the evening (no talk about afternoon, its hot here), and absolutely different with the clouds and sunset. Rain changes the very view of things. Wet leaves with rain drops, wet roads, and what not… Our surroundings help us in experimenting with the different modes and functions of our camera.

What we have to do is never stop looking around and keep on experimenting with our camera. I want to show you some pics of these pipal tree leaves. This is something I see daily, whenever I look out of the window.

See how rain drops change the whole view.

And please have a look, I liked the combination of wet branch, new leaves with the rain drops and the contrast of colors in this beautiful weather.

I want to tell you about one more change within me in this journey. I find my perceptions have become more sharp and subtle, increasing each day with photography. I think it will be true with everyone.

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