Life Goes On

This is all about how the cycle of life goes on and never stops. Sometimes Mother Nature shows us things very clearly.

The leaves of this beautiful Bael Tree (which is called Bael Tree in India, some other names are Stone Apple, Wood Apple, Bengal Quince) must have been babies once. They must have been on the peak of their youth some time back, but now they are getting older and older with each increasing day. But they still look very beautiful with all the cracks and wrinkles and twists and turns. And this beauty comes through the experience they have gained throughout the life – calmly.

At the same time, some branches have become totally empty and are waiting for a new beginning.

Some brave hearts are still surviving alone with all the signs of growing age. But they are not sad! Smiling gracefully… because they now know the secret of life… “it goes on”.

The Closeup.

At some place in this little universe of Bael tree, the experienced generation celebrates the birth of new leaves which have just entered the school called world.

And here is the beginning of the new era. New leaves are sprouting…

Doesn’t it happen with each of us?

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