The Journey Begins

I never knew that I would like photography and would write about photography until I got this beauty about two weeks back – Nikon Coolpix P500. All of a sudden, I have become an amateur photographer and the credit goes to this beautiful black camera. Its 36x optical zoom has made me see things with different perspective. The leaves, the trunk, the flowers, the birds, the insects, the moon, the shadows and a lot more which were very mundane to me and were the part of daily life, have now become very special with the great zoom and different modes the camera provides. I am quite impressed with the zoom it has. It’s very handy as well.

Being a beginner I just tried auto mode initially because I didn’t have the basic idea of the modes as this is my first camera. I thought of reading the manual for that but this task is still pending. And you know, in two days, I clicked more than 183 pictures!

The first variation I did was choosing sports mode. I wanted to take the pictures of the running water from the tap and wanted to capture the drops of water. Although I took the pictures from very far but the result was good. In sports mode the camera automatically captured several pictures of the subject (running water) in one click.

There are night portrait and night landscape mode also which I haven’t tried yet. Now I have got fascinated about the manual mode. From my very less knowledge of photography (two weeks), I got to know that the professionals mainly use the manual mode with their DSLR cameras. These all terms are new to me (like DSLR). But in past two weeks I have gained little knowledge about the terms used in photography. The main words that caught my attention were aperture and shutter speed.

So now these days I am trying to understand the terms and their role in photography, or digital photography to be precise.

I tried to take pictures of moon and sun some time back. This task was difficult in auto mode. Later, after increasing the shutter speed in manual mode, the results were awesome. Although I don’t know the actual ratio but am trying to learn by experimenting in these early days. And now I find a strong need to get some proper knowledge about my equipment and photography itself.

This is the place where I want to share what I learn or click. I welcome you all to comment and participate in this journey. I am very keen to see your comments and learn anything I can from them.

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