Basic Cropping

Here I am with a new tip which can be helpful for beginners like me. All photo editing tools have an option to crop an image. I was not aware about it’s power and application initially.

Cropping can be useful in following situations:

  • If we find our image less interesting with a lot of boring space.
  • If we find some distracting elements in the image (which we want to get rid of).
  • If we want to focus on some particular part of the image.

This simple trick can do magic with an ordinary image. There can be various ways of cropping the same image. We just need to experiment, and pick up the one we like most. It helps us in bringing out the best from what we already have. I have some examples. I captured the following image some time back.

In this particular picture I wanted to focus upon cat’s face, so I cropped this in camera. Almost every camera provides ‘In Camera Cropping‘ feature. Here is the cropped image.

Note: It is always recommended to make a copy of the original image before any editing, better play safe then cursing the software later and losing something of great importance.

Lets jump to another example. I wanted to capture minute details of this dragon fly but couldn’t because it was too far. When I saw it on my laptop, it looked tiny and I didn’t like the sky as well.

The center of attraction in this pic was dragon fly. So I cropped it and did some further editing in Picasa. Here is the result.

I mostly use Picasa for cropping. I find it easy. It provides manual and predefined cropping options. Recently I have downloaded Adobe Light Room and I like it’s cropping tool because it includes a Rule-of-Thirds grid.

Cropping can also give a new life to “dead” images in some cases. Please see the photograph I was about to delete from my machine.

Basic cropping and some color correction changed the whole look of the image.

Note: Cropping reduces the size of an image and the effect is most visible when we have to get our images printed. So, please be careful about this.

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