Coconut Flower

About a month back in Kolkata (India), when I was clicking randomly whatever was coming in my way, I saw a special and unusual (for me) stuff inside the coconut tree. That was beautiful and I captured it.

This sight was special for me because the climate of the place where I was born and brought up (Uttarakhand, India) doesn’t allow coconut trees to grow up. So this thing never came across my eyes and I hadn’t even seen it in any book and t.v. also.

I didn’t even know it’s name. So, I jumped to’ Wikipedia‘ but didn’t find any definite detail about it. Then I searched for ‘coconut + flower‘ and saw some pics resembling mine. It’s called coconut flower. I couldn’t find much details about it because after three or four links Google gave me the list of coconut flour recipes and some coconut flower restaurant which I was least interested in…

May be these little balls will turn into coconuts in their own sweet time. Let’s see.

Update: These have indeed turned into baby coconuts! See here.



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