Dazzling Lily

I was planning to capture the flower below in macro mode for quite some days. But because of the excessive heat and humidity in Kolkata (India), I was procrastinating it. I was afraid that the flower would dry in the heat. I am not familiar with many places in Kolkata and this was the only one nearby and I was not desperate enough to go searching for flowers in the parks of Kolkata.

However, by God’s grace, it survived the heat and I could take the pictures. I clicked this lily in macro mode from the every single angle possible came in my mind. Oh! I forgot to capture it from top and bottom. It didn’t come in my mind that time. These two angles just popped up in my mind while I was writing this line here.

This first picture I took directly from front. Most of the people usually click pictures directly from the front angle. This is something most of us do instinctively when we get a camera in our hands.

I took all the pictures in the afternoon. I purposely chose that time because nobody is around at that time.

In point and shoot cameras, the macro mode (mostly represented by flower icon) works good with photographing flowers, insects etc.

I was interested in capturing the minute details of the flower so I moved a little closer (my camera doesn’t focus properly if I zoom after a certain point in macro mode)

Experts always recommend to capture the subject/scene from every possible angle. Different angles can completely change the look and feel of the same subject or scene and there must be definitely one which would stand out from others. I like this tip very much. Most of the times, I click several images of the same scene with different angles/settings and later review them in computer to select the good ones. It’s true, I find one good image after so many bad ones. But I hope with time and experience, I will do less mistakes.

These image I took some days after the previous ones. By that time, some more lilies had blossomed to accompany the older one.


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