Failed in moon photography, succeeded in weird ghostly mysterious patterns

Hello friends. Here I am with some very good examples of “what is called bad photography“. I know these are weird ones, but I somehow feel attracted towards these pics. I couldn’t just delete them from my system. And do you see my courage… I am daring to even post them here :-). I had started liking the weirdness and mystery of these pictures since I saw them first in my system.

So, the story is that I definitely didn’t want to click the distorted images. I was obviously dreaming to capture the beautiful crescent moon (in astronomy, crescent is the shape of the lit side of a spherical body (most notably the Moon) that appears to be less than half illuminated by the Sun as seen by the viewer). Apart from the desire of capturing that crescent moon I also wanted to experiment with the different aperture values and shutter speeds.

So I went up on the terrace with lots of hope and enthusiasm, but… God knows it was not that easy as I had thought. Moon was not exactly in the middle of the sky. I just couldn’t manage to hold the camera still for a single second. My hands were shaking and started paining and neck got stiffened and the outcome is in front of you. I can say with surety that I was not drunk, still I couldn’t hold the camera without this slight shaking. I just couldn’t capture what I wanted that time. And you may also notice a lot of noise in the pics.

Shutter Speed/Exposure Time: 1.6s, Aperture: f/5.7, ISO: 800

Shutter Speed/Exposure Time: 1.6s, Aperture: f/5.7, ISO: 400

Shutter Speed/Exposure Time: 0.1s (1/10), Aperture: f/5.7, ISO: 400

Shutter Speed/Exposure Time: 2s, Aperture: f/5.7, ISO: 500

This was the first time I desperately felt the need of tripod. But I seriously don’t like the idea of tripod for me because I don’t like carrying a heavy baggage of camera accessories with me when I am in a mood of having fun. Later, I read in a very informative site about a problem called ‘camera shake‘ which beginners in digital photography experience. This mostly happens when we take images in low light conditions and less shutter speed.

I also found some interesting and easy tips about holding the camera in these situations. I want to share these tips in brief.

  • Keep the camera close to your face and use the viewfinder (if it’s there in your camera); if you are using LCD, try to hold it close to your body.
  • Use both hands.
  • Bring your elbows close to your side.
  • Inhale deeply and hold the breath (not forever) before clicking the picture and please don’t forget to exhale after the shot. Sorry for the bad joke, but yes, when you are trying to capture pictures in high zoom, low light conditions and slow shutter speed, there is always a possibility of ‘camera shake’ so this trick really works in these situations.
  • One of the trick that I personally like most and find useful is to lean against some some solid object like a tree, wall or some friend heavier than you (ok, not the last one :)) for extra stability.

If you are not too bored reading, take a look at the images below. I captured these pics exactly 10 days after the previous ones. It was a full moon night and I wanted to capture the moon with some foreground of trees. This time I didn’t go the terrace and was feeling like more full-of-knowledge from the experience of past failures. But again my hand started shaking. There were clouds in the sky and they were playing hide and seek with the moon. Whenever I felt like “oh! I am not shaking now” some cloud used to cover the moon to make the night black (pun intended). Unfortunately, there was nothing to lean against. So here is the outcome.

Shutter Speed/Exposure Time: 1s , Aperture: f/5.7, ISO: 400

Shutter Speed/Exposure Time: 4s, Aperture: f/5.6, ISO: 800

Shutter Speed/Exposure Time: 4s, Aperture: f/5.6, ISO: 720

When I saw these pics in my system, I liked the patterns, blurriness in them (thanks to the mild wind making the trees dance beautifully). These pics give me a feel of mystery. And all these experiences are definitely increasing my knowledge, and I am learning from my failures too as they say we should.

By the way, I have captured some clear pictures of moon too, which I will share later. But I would like to confess again that I love these distorted images more than the clear images.

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