Ignore to Attract

Search for the term “Ignore and Attract” in Google and you will find a number of links giving tips about “How to attract a women“, “How to get your ex back” and many more links related to the same kind of subjects.

Out of many tips these “love gurus” give us, there is one that says that if you want to attract someone, don’t show your keen interest in him/her. Try to ignore that person and yet show that there will be a chance only if he/she tries harder (God knows how to show both things at the same time!). This way the “someone” will automatically feel more attracted towards you, and not towards the one who shows more importance. This is a type of reverse psychology. See how this works in case of these crows too.

Gentle approach of one seems unanswered by the other.

The crow must have remembered one of the tips from the Google Search of “How to attract someone by ignoring“. Subtle expression of ignoring the other, but still failed.

Tips can’t fail. The desperate one has full faith in tips! Stronger attempt of avoiding worked! The other one has turned her face as if saying, “how come he is not noticing me, busy with himself!!

Final result: Tip worked! Cuddling and caressing… just like in Hindi movies when after showing some attitude the heroine suddenly realizes that she loves the hero… and comes running in slow motion to give him a tight hug.

But please don’t mistake this togetherness for love (especially in case of humans, birds are innocent). Many of us do this kind of manipulation to some extent; directly or indirectly, to achieve our desired goal and we do get successful many times. But in case of heart to heart relationships, either friendship or love we don’t need to play games. Things look beautiful in the beginning but don’t last long and sometimes become ugly, as if there was no true connection. Okay, let me stop here, I just remembered it’s a photography blog!

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