My first macro pic, reflection in rain drops

It was in my plan to experiment with the macro mode of my camera. But somehow I was procrastinating it. I needed a beautiful subject for my experiment. I had seen a beautiful flower nearby and had planned that I would capture that in macro mode. But it’s very hot & humid here in Kolkata (India). So I couldn’t gather enough courage to play with macro mode while sweating like hell.

The story of the pictures below goes like this. One day when it was raining, I tried to take pictures of a line of water drops on a cement slab. I tried every mode including auto, manual, shutter priority. But the results were not to my liking. At the end, I thought of trying this macro mode. It was definitely not a classic subject but I took the pictures anyway.

When I reviewed the results on my computer, I noticed the reflection of a coconut tree in these water drops. This was unexpected for me! Since then, I have been in love with macro mode, and manual mode has taken the backseat from my life for God knows how many days.

I have edited this picture in Picasa. I rotated it 180 degrees, cropped it, and further some color chnage. Here is the edited inverted picture of rain drops with the reflection of coconut tree.

This is the rotated and cropped image.

And this one is the original image.

Don’t forget to zoom the pictures to see them more clearly.

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