Outdoor photography – Is it so difficult?

There are many things which attract me to roads, busy markets, heavy traffic, mundane life, city crowd, in one word outdoors. But I feel kind of uneasy to bring my camera outdoors. I always fear that someone will come and declare – “photography is not allowed here“. This has already happened two or three times at unexpected places, which are not at all in photography prohibited areas. I am just curious, whether this happens with everyone or I should restrict my self with certain areas.

Because of this fear most of the time I hesitate to pull my camera out from the cover even if I want to do that badly. And if I get a chance to click outdoors, I click in a hurry without even giving a second look to my shot. I just want to capture the scene before being stopped. This affects the photographs badly and gives me less chance to experiment with different modes and angles.

So this is my current status with photography and I want to get rid of this prohibition and want to do experiments outdoors. If you have any suggestions, please do share with me.

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