Winner Stands Alone

I am back with some more leaves (Hey, I am not a leaf freak).

The old and dry leaves which have lost their green color attract me a lot and I am obsessed with the green color too. Many times I decide not to click the same leaves again, but at the end of the day, I find myself capturing the same. Anyway, let me show you something I clicked some time back. I simply liked the very sight of these beautiful leaves.

These are my favourite Bael leaves which have turned brown because of their old age. I want to tell you that the spirit of this group of leaves is admirable. When I clicked this picture the whole branch had become empty but these leaves were there.

Later I saw some baby leaves coming and then blooming and reaching their adolescence, but that group was still there on the top with the same spirit as I saw them on the first day. I took this picture two or three days back when it rained and enhanced the beauty of these leaves.

Following are ‘Bael’ leaves again. The beauty of these leaves is that, they come in a group of three, and are offered to Lord Shiva in Hindu worship. Some people also compare the three leaves to the three eyes of Lord Shiva.

This last one is jackfruit leaf, which has lost it’s color and sooner or later it will depart from the branch. The first comment I got on the first picture was “I hate this leaf” by a friend. I tried every possible thing I knew including cropping, straightening, editing everything that Picasa provides, to make this image more presentable but the comment remained the same “I hate it even more now“. But somehow I couldn’t stop myself from posting it here because, God-knows-why, I just like it (although I really tried hard to hate it myself, lol).

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