Shutter Speed: 0.001s (1/1000) , Aperture: 5.56

A beautiful evening in Kolkata (India) gave me a chance to capture the evening sky with some clouds and sun… they call it landscape if I am right. I was experimenting with the different combinations of aperture and shutter speed that time. The picture I am sharing today is the result of one of those experiments.

I am not sure whether to say I like this pic or not. I like it’s good color combination, with a piece of cloud covering the middle part of the sun and beautifying the upper and lower arcs…, a small bird and some symmetrical shapes. It gives me the feeling of stillness, not solitude. It makes me feel that every motion in the world has stopped and only this alone little bird and the Sun and some clouds are left. I, and may be some other people like me, feel their existence in the hustle bustle of the surroundings of our world. This stillness sometimes depresses me. This can be the reason for my liking and disliking the image at the same time. I started my philosophy again! I just wanted to share my feelings. Please enjoy the pic.


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