Many Lovers, Many Haters of the little poor thing called Cigarette

I captured these pics some time back with all my conscious effort . While looking for the ‘quotes’ to post on facebook, I happened to see some interesting ones regarding cigarettes and smoking. Which explains the different perspectives of different people on the same thing. Here I have compiled few of them. Please enjoy the pics and the views… and you are free to favor any perspective ;), or choose to be neutral …

Cigarette lovers perspective:

  • If I cannot smoke in heaven, then I shall not go.”
  • Smoke or not, you die anyway. “
  • It’s been proven that 100% of people that smoke die…it’s also been proven that 100% of people that don’t smoke die too. “

The sarcastic perspective of Cigarette haters:

  • To know more about LUNG cancer…keep SMOKING !!
  • Be nice to the people who smoke cigarette, any cigarette might be their last cigarette.
  • A cigarette a day keeps the doctor in pay!”

So, what’s YOUR perspective?

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