Why ‘Bhabhiji’?

An irritating incident (for me) happened with me two days back. I was in a cab and coming back home from the hotel. Because of Independence day there were many venders selling our flag at each and every signal. At one red light I saw a vender with flags coming to my window. He came waving his flags and said “Bhabhiji flag le lo. ‘Bhabhiji’…why the hell did any vender need to call any female ‘Bhabhiji’. I just didn’t know how to react. I remained irritated for long.

I know for most of you this is a non issue but I just don’t like when people who are not even your relatives address you by this tag. If they so want to address a female, then better address by their name and if not familiar they can use ‘Didi’, ‘Sister’ ‘Madam’ or ‘Mataji’. We don’t address any unknown man or shopkeeper or any neighbor ‘Jijaji’.

Even many respected men more than double of your age of neighborhood address you Bhabhiji. Dear all men if you think you are respecting us by calling us Bhabhi then you are wrong. We have our own identity and we love that identity.

This is my personal opinion and not meant to hurt anyone but I just dislike being called ‘Bhabhiji’ by the men of my father’s age.

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