WordPress database restore issue

Hi Friends,

Our new meeting place, this site, richaclicks.com, kept me busy in maintenance for the last few weeks. Actually, I was trying to install a new version of a plugin when the site crashed. I tried restoring the site and database from a backup and only then I realized that if the backup of MySQL database is not restored in the same charset as the one in which the backup was taken, it causes issues while restoring the database.

This is especially true in case of wordpress blogs where not only the content but the functionality of some plugins is also dependent on the data.

I googled it and found resources for properly backing up a wordpress site and its restoration; however it was only after I had deleted the original site to restore from a “wrong” backup. Anyway, the only solution I see as of now is to redo the site. 🙁

This was the reason for not posting for all these days. Let’s see, I will redo the site this weekend perhaps.

Anyway, here is a pic I had in my collection since long. Lets start again with the enthusiasm of this pic reflects. 🙂

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