My Portrait Model: My Dear Brother

After so many flowers, leaves, clouds, sun and sky pictures, I am finally posting something which can fall into portrait photography category. Technically, it’s my first portrait. I asked my dear brother whether I could click his photographs and post them and he said yes. This is how I got my first portrait model.

These pictures were clicked in a room with yellow light and the weather outside was cloudy which made the lighting conditions dull and dim. So the pictures straight out of camera were dark and dull as well with too much noise because I had increased the ISO to 400. Though I used the in-camera flash of my camera but even that couldn’t make any positive difference in the pictures.

I used Lightroom for increasing exposure, clarity and for noise reduction and then used Photoshop Elements’ soft sepia filter from ‘Silver Efex Pro‘ plugin in the following picture.

I think my brother liked this picture because he has made this his profile picture in Facebook.

The next picture is cropped from the one above and processed in Lightroom. Apart from increasing exposure, clarity, increasing blacks and noise reduction, I slightly increased the saturation level of yellow color. While I was finalizing this picture, I noticed that because of increasing exposure, face of my brother was looking very white so I opened this edited picture in Photoshop Elements, selected his face using quick selection tool and did some changes in levels. Finally this is the picture.

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