Little Birdie

These days I am a bird lover but for how long I can’t say. I am following the routine of some little birdies who are very tiny, young and sweet and I think they have recently learned to fly.

I had been trying to capture these baby birds for many days. They come and play on the beautiful tree in the neighborhood. They sit on the branches and jump from one branch to another but never sit quietly at one place for long like the thoughts of restless men.

Many times my attempt to capture them failed because you can’t ask them to sit quietly without moving, and point and shoot camera has certain limits too.

But finally I have succeeded and have many pictures of them now. And this one, I want to share today.

I have realized that if I could elongate my love of bird photography, I would become the most patient person because there is no other option. Patience and persistence is the key. They show you all the tantrums like a beautiful woman who makes you run behind her forever, just for a glimpse of her beautiful face.

It seems that beautiful birds are like beautiful girls. The more beautiful they are, the more difficult it is to get hold of them, capture them.

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