What lightning flash glimmers in Thy face, Mother! Seeing Thee I am thrilled through and through… Paramahansa Yogananda

‘Paramhansa Yogananda’ on the Divine Mother

All nature that we behold is the mother aspect of God, because in nature we find beauty, gentleness, and kindness. The flowers, birds, and the beauties of nature all speak of the Mother aspect of God-the creative motherly instinct of God. When we look at all the good things in nature, we feel a tenderness rise within us; we can see and feel God in nature.

The Divine Mother is so beautiful! But remember, in Her higher manifestation even that beauty is formless. She is in everything. Her divine, compassionate love is expressed in the raindrops. Her beauty is reflected in the colors of the rainbow. She offers fresh hope to mankind with the rose-tinted clouds at dawn.

Above all, be ever conscious of Her presence in your heart.

‘From Inner Culture magazine’, 1939 and ‘The Essence of Self-Realization’ by Paramhansa Yoganandarecorded and compiled by Kriyananda.

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