‘Dhunuchi Dance’

I got chance to attend a very popular traditional dance called ‘Dhunuchi Dance‘ during this ‘Durga Pooja‘. It’s a devotional folk dance of Bengal (India) in which devotees dance with the earthen pots lit with coconut husk, coal, camphor and sprinkled incense and dance before the idol of  Goddess Durga on the beats of a drum called ‘Dhak.

I saw a competition of this dance during ‘Durga Pooja’. The performance of this gentlemen was not a part of the competition but I was deeply amazed by the smooth movements of his body and the balance of earthen pots (Dhunuchi) on traditional beats of ‘Dhak’.

Because of low light condition, smoke and the limitations of my camera, I couldn’t click clear pictures of the whole event. I tried to increase the ISO but that resulted in too much noise in the pictures.

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