National Geographic Script for GIMP


I was gifted these chocolates on Diwali. I found them very vibrant and colourful so before getting tempted to eat them all I clicked some pictures. I have used the amazing National Geographic Script for GIMP in this picture, which I have used for the first time.

This script can simulate high quality, vivid photos – like the ones from the National Geographic magazine. It uses a configurable mixture of shadow recovery, sharpening, local contrast, and various colour overlay layers.

You can install this script from this link

Once the script is installed, it can be found under Filters > Generic > National Geographic. This script takes really long time to run on large files (may be because I have just 1 GB RAM on a Celeron processor). I had to resize my file to keep the processing time under tolerable limit. I used the default settings, but you can play around with the opacity of the screen and overlay layers for different results.

The script worked especially well for this picture. It made the pic crisp and removed the ‘haze’ pretty well. If you want to see the difference, here is the image before using the script.

BeforeNationalGeographicScript for IMP

If you want to know more about the script, here is a very good description I found from google search –

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